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Cornerstones Curriculum


As part of our commitment to continuous development we have developed a curriculum that ensures we are giving children significant opportunity to develop their key skills in writing and maths across a range of subjects.


The new curriculum is based on a product developed by ‘Cornerstones’ where learning is delivered through ‘investigative projects’.  Each investigative project lasts for a half term.  In order to develop links within the school and ensure that learning experiences are shared, each project in Key Stage 2 will be covered by two year groups at the same time ie year 3 and 4 and year 5 and 6.  This does not mean that the children in the two year groups are working at the same level, work will be suitably differentiated to ensure that all are able to make the maximum progress in each of the subject areas and each classroom will interpret the project in their own way.


Each investigative project covers a number of National Curriculum subjects with specific objectives for learning.  As far as possible, writing work will be integrated so that the children are able to see the purpose for their writing. 

Curriculum Overview