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Founded in 2012, REAch2 Academy Trust is the largest primary-only Academy Trust in the country. It currently supports 60 primary academies across England (Harrier Primary Academy will be the Trust’s 61st school), all of whom share our mission to provide the best possible education for our young people. This is wider than a focus on how children perform in tests and exams; we want our pupils to enjoy a rich, rewarding, curriculum that focuses on them as individuals, supports them to develop their character and become well-rounded young people who go on to live fulfilled lives.

This is best exemplified through our innovative commitment of 11 before 11: a range of activities designed to inspire and stretch REAch2 children, including camping in a field or a forest; visiting a foreign country; climbing a mountain; learning to play a musical instrument, and performing in a major concert. These can prove to be transformative experiences, as pupils learn more about themselves, their interests, and how they can interact with the world around them.




Since REAch2 was founded in 2012, the heart of the Trust’s vision has been to enable all children in the Trust to have exceptional opportunties for learning. The last ten years has seen the Trust work hard to that end taking the total of ‘Good’ and ‘Outstanding’ schools from a baseline of 9% to 93% at the close of the academic year in 2022. Building on this strong and resilient foundation the Trust now looks ahead, leveraging its success and positive culture, to continue to secure the very best outcomes for children.


It will do this by always aiming higher. This new vision statement for 2022/23 and beyond will ensure that every REAch2 school will become a ‘great’ school. The Trust will be characterised by schools that are remarkable places, with remarkable people and remarkable learning. By always aiming higher the Trust will make sure that every one of its schools sets the highest aspirations for children and makes an exceptional contribution to the community it serves.


Strong family values are a key component of the REAch2 vision. We believe that REAch2 is a family: connected by a common desire to learn from each other, share experiences and be mutually supportive across the entire academy community. Every school and every individual is included in this vision. We actively encourage collaboration – and work as a team to create and deliver the best possible educational experiences for every pupil within the REAch2 Trust, always aiming higher.


Cornerstone and Touchstones


The REAch2 Academy Trust forms the strong, responsible, foundation from which every school develops, grows, and flourishes. It is the cornerstone that ensures all its schools deliver the best possible learning experience based on quality, excellence and high standards.


‘Touchstone’ values are at the very core of the Trust: seven principles which inspire our provision and ensure REAch2 academies are unique. Just as 500 years ago touchstones were used to test the quality of the gold they marked, so too our Touchstones find what is precious and set these things apart. They embody the values and ethos of the Trust and act as our guiding principles for every decision taken.




REAch2 Academy Trust is a charitable voluntary organisation, which relies on the valuable input of a considerable number of non-executive volunteers, supported by an experienced team of staff. Due to the size of the organisation and the number of schools for which it is responsible, coupled with its drive for accountability, it is also a complex organisation with various important elements of governance.


Effective governance in our large Academy Trust is supported by the following:


Trust Members

The guardians of the constitution

Trust Board

The Directors / Trustees

Trust Board Sub-Committees

Made up of Trust Board members

Cluster Boards

Including the Cluster Non-Executive representatives

Local Governing Bodies

Local Governors including community, staff and parent governors

The Executive Team

The CEO and COO together with Executive Leaders and their respective teams


REAch2 has developed its Trust on the principles of proportionate intervention, to raise educational standards, that recognises the local context of each Academy.  The principle of local autonomy is balanced by a consistent approach to performance management, quality assurance and key policy implementation that secures a consistent entitlement of standards for the pupils and parents in all REAch2 academies. 


REAch2 also provides a procurement framework that enables its member academies to access commercial services that ensure value for money and consistent quality. This introduces greater capacity to support schools and better integrate the education and business support teams. 


Educational management is organised on a Cluster basis, with 10 Clusters managed by a Deputy Director of Education (DDOE) who, in turn, line manages the Headteachers within the Cluster. Schools are supported by Associate School Leaders, SLEs drawn from school staff, HR Business Partners, a Regional Administrator, Finance Partners, Senior Governance Advisors, Estates Surveyors and a wider team of central staff.


Strategic Aims


REAch2 intends to further develop its family of convertor and sponsored academies based on the following Strategic Aim:


In short, we want every REAch2 school to be a ‘great’ school meaning that each and every child will be given the best possible experience at school – ready for the next stage of their education.


Our four key drivers are:

  • Great Schools – Remarkable places, remarkable people, remarkable learning
  • Social Justice – Relentless responsibility for dignity, fairness and fulfilment
  • Sustainability – Upholding responsibility for our shared future
  • Digital Transformation – Creating a future where we learn, work and connect better


Educational Aims


REAch2 makes a commitment to each pupil within the Trust that they will be successful in:

  • Providing a great education for all, championing the most vulnerable and disadvantaged
  • Achieving excellence in identified areas beyond the curriculum
  • Exceeding national expectations for pupil outcomes at the end of primary school
  • Working proactively with families to advocate for children and keep them safe
  • Providing a remarkable primary educational experience which equips them with skills and confidence for life
  • Developing a depth of knowledge to understand environmental sustainability and the action that they can take to become ambassadors for change
  • Cultivate independent learning through enabling access to digital technology for all.