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Chigwell Primary Academy Uniform Policy


Uniform is an important part of a school’s identity. It reinforces who we are as a community and helps allow pupils to feel pride in their school. We want our pupils to have high expectations at all times, and we ask for your support in this matter. It is essential that the correct uniform is worn, including footwear.


Branded uniform is available however we want our uniform to be affordable and therefore non-branded items can be purchased from any supplier (including pre-loved uniform from school). 


School Uniform List  


Grey trousers or shorts with grey socks 

Grey skirt or pinafore dress with white socks 

White shirt (polo shirts are not allowed) 

Navy jumper, sweatshirt or cardigan (with school logo if possible) 

School tie (Elastic ties are only for children in EYFS and KS1) 

Black flat shoes (no boots or trainers allowed) 


P.E. Kit 


Navy shorts  

Navy track suit (bottoms and top) 

White T shirt (with school logo if possible) 


Children will come to school in their PE kit on PE days.   


School uniform items without logo can be purchased from any supplier.   


Items with logos are available from available from school uniform supplier – 

Carolina School Outfitters 





School Shoes  


It states clearly on the school uniform list that the pupils need black shoes and not trainers, but we have found that more children than ever are coming into school with incorrect footwear. It probably doesn’t help that sports brands advertise trainers as being school shoes when they are not; therefore, we thought it would be helpful to set out clearly what is expected. 


Here are some examples of acceptable black shoes: 



Boots, canvas shoes or trainer style shoes are not permitted, including branded sports makes including (but not limited to) Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Converse, Stan Smiths and Vans. Please see below examples of shoes which are not permitted: 




Additional Information 


We would also like to take this opportunity to clarify the following: 

  • Pupils with long hair must tie it back and it must remain tied back at all times. Please note any hair bows or clips must be of a small size. Children who have their hair down will be given a hairband to use.

  • Pupils are not allowed to wear nail varnish or make-up. 

  • The wearing of jewellery in school is discouraged for safety reasons and the Academy cannot be responsible for any loss or damage.  If earrings must be worn, then please ensure that they are small studs only. We have seen an increasing number of pupils are regularly wearing small hoops.  

  • Earrings and watches must be removed for PE lessons and the Academy does not accept responsibility for these. 

  • The summer holiday is a perfect time for children to have their ears pierced. If your child has their ears pierced during term time, they will not be able to participate in PE lessons until their earrings can be removed. 

  • Coats and jackets should have a strong hanging loop so that they may be hung-up in the cloakrooms. Coats and jackets should also be clearly labelled.  


School Uniform Shop 


  • Uniform with the school logo is available from Carolina School Outfitters, 708 Chigwell Road,
    Woodford Bridge, Essex, IG8 8AL

  • Uniform without logos can be purchased from any provider including supermarkets.  


Lost Property  


All lost property is kept outside the main office.  Any items with names will be returned to the child.


Pre-loved Uniform  


The school has a supply of good quality, donated items of uniform and unclaimed lost property which parents are able to access (donations welcome). The pre-loved uniform is available in the main entrance.


Donations of old uniform which is clean and in good condition are welcomed.  Please give these to the main office. 


If you require assistance purchasing uniform please don’t hesitate to speak to us, and we will do our best to help.  


There are also occasions when we give correct uniform to pupils who do not have it so please don’t take offence.